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Search Engine Optimization : how to (well) reference your website to be in 1st position

The first position on search engines is a bit “the-place-to-be”, the b.a.-ba, I would even say the MUST to achieve to ensure traffic via search engine optimization on his site!

The proof? In November 2017, the click-through rate (CTR) of results in the first (1st) position was 33%! (16% for the 2nd and 10% for the 3rd)

Source : Advancedwebranking

How to reference your website on Google so that it is in the first position of Google search results? What SEO strategy (Search Engine Optimization in English) to adopt in 2018? We tell you everything in this article!

1. Prerequisites for your SEO strategy

Have a flawless buying experience

To have the keys to a good SEO strategy, start by understanding your targets perfectly. In the case of an e-commerce site, there are two important points not to neglect:

  • Understand the stages of reasoning your target will go through. Know how to respond quickly to any doubts they may have, thus ensuring a smooth buying process. Does my target need advice on how to use my service/product? Would they like to see photos of the product in real life? Offer the content and information they need to be reassured.
  • Ensure a flawless shopping experience, without bugs or unnecessary pages. In the case of an e-commerce for example, make sure you don’t have any technical problems during the shopping cart validation. Propose a fluid interface that inspires confidence and/or all the information is easy to find. Ask yourself a few simple questions: Can my target check the content of his cart? How many steps does he/she encounter between the cart validation and the final purchase? Are there any distractions that allow the user to exit the conversion tunnel?

Because we know that the shopping cart abandon rate is much higher when the Internet user encounters difficulties, so take special care of your purchase path!

Learn your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) by heart

USPs are the competitive advantages that stand you out from your competitors. By keeping your strengths in mind, you can offer an original vision to your target and “better” meet their needs.

For example, if your main promise is to be more beautiful, bigger, more powerful, then tell your target! Show why you are better than your competitors by standing out!

Define the human and financial means necessary for the referencing of your website

Technically, being on the first position of a search engine is free. In reality, it is not quite that! You will have to work hard and spend time to be well referenced – In this, referencing your website for free is not really possible anymore, unless of course you don’t count your hours! Yes, search engine optimization takes time, and as time is money… So plan human and financial means for your SEO strategy.

Beforehand, think about establishing a list of KPIs that will allow you to monitor your progress. Ask yourself what is the purpose of your SEO strategy to define measurable and quantifiable objectives. Have a ROI vision of search engine optimization !

2. Conditions for a great SEO strategy!

Find the right keywords for your referencing

Conduct thorough keyword research in line with your target and your objectives. Pay particular attention to the search intentions of Internet users on search engines. Put yourself in your target’s shoes, and give them the content they expect, according to their request.

According to the search typologies (commercial, transactional, informative, navigational words), propose relevant and adapted content.

Adapt the structure of your site to the expectations of your targets

Structure your site in a way that best responds to the different buying intentions of your target. Why talk about your services if the target is looking for information? Why try to sell your product to someone who wants free content? According to the main themes you have identified during your keyword research, always keep your target in mind, and ask yourself what their path on your website could be, until the final conversion (purchase, download, video viewing, lead, contact, etc.).

Create amazing content

Once you have clearly defined the search intentions by keyword, design content that is adapted to your audience. Offer generic information, but also your expertise on specific topics that users won’t find elsewhere.

Simply put, add real value in your content. Speaking of which, remember that in 2018, content isn’t just textual anymore! Offer video, infographics, studies, e-books, animations, events and more!

Think about the conversion tunnel

Set up CTAs (call to action) whenever you think it is necessary. Guide your target to get to where you want them to go. Whatever the page they go through, the purpose must be the same: your objectives (contact form, newsletter subscription, purchase…).

If the expression says “All roads lead to Rome”, well in your case, all roads must lead to conversion!

Share & Communicate

You wrote a great article, but you don’t know who to share it with? Gain visibility, share your content with others and exchange with your community and its influencers.

3. What you can expect from your (successful) SEO strategy

Before you get the first position, you will have to be patient. But if you have the following results, you are on the right track:

  • Quality traffic: your target is interested in your content and is browsing your site. The bounce rate is low and the average visit duration is increasing.
  • A good branding: your target comes back to find information on your site. Internet users search for you directly with your brand name.
    Inbound links: people even consider you as a reference, and create links to your site (focus on quality over quantity).
  • Conversions: your site meets your objectives and brings you conversions.
  • Before you get the first position, you will have to be patient. But if you have the following results, you are on the right track:

In short, 3 words to summarize this article: organize, analyze and write, so that your SEO strategy is on top! If you didn’t understand this article or if you don’t have the time, our SEO agency is here to help, because we know that SEO is often complex to understand.

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