Brand: S&L Production

Project Description

S&L Production is an audiovisual production agency in Paris, specializing in motion design and special effects, several video formats are available: product/brand, motion design, special effects (vfx), events, institutional, tourism, etc. The agency integrates all the video professions, i.e. directing, shooting, editing, motion design, mocap and 3D animation.

The result ?

100% fewer technical errors, less content visible on Google, elimination of blocking factors.

Position on the Google search engine:

  • 4th on: Motion design agency Paris

The campaign for S&L Production

On the S&L Production brand website, all pages are now crawlable, when Google can't access content, positioning is no longer possible, thanks to our recommendations, errors have disappeared at some point and visibility has increased.

Staenk offered this client a complete SEO service

  • Audit and technical support
  • Study of keywords
  • Editorial optimization (text + images + video)